Episode 42: KRS-One and Crazy Legs Stop By Talk Zulu Nation Anniversary and Thanks to All Veterans
Episode 41: Marley Marl Rockin' Up In This Biatch
Episode 40: Ralph Mcdaniels Keeps History alive While La Vaba's Downtown Makes History
Episode 39: Pimpin ' Ken: Trump Would Be A Piss Poor Pimp
Episode 38: Kurtis Blow Says Donald Trump is Shamming the White House
Episode 37: Victor Martinez Going For Mr. Olympia
Episode 36: Scarface Is Just Trying to Ice-T and LL Cool J the Game
Episode 35: Rocking the Radio with Alex "Super AJ" Jordanov
Episode 34: Transfinancial with Raekwon
Episode 33: Involve Me and I'll Understand with Grandmaster Caz
Episode 32: Paper Remembers What the Mouth Forgets with Taheim
Episode 31: Good Money, Gave Money, Got Money and Going to Get a Little More Money with Gerald G Money
Episode 30: Million Dollar Videos with Busta Rhymes
Episode 29: Fifty Shades of Coco
Episode 28: The Fuck You Hero with Glen E. Friedman
Episode 27: Battle Rapping With Roxanne Shante
Episode 26: Doodoo Brown with Busy Bee
Episode 25: Inside the Mind of Kool Keith
Episode 24: Cosby, Cops and Guns with Mobb Deep
Episode 23: Trigger Treach Therapy
Episode 22: The Sugar Hill Legacy with Leland Robinson and Alex Aldea
Episode 21: Pop Bubble with Jamey Jasta
Episode 20: Wealth in Relationships with Chris Rock
Episode 19: Reality Radio
Episode 18: Podcast Startup with Alex Blumberg
Episode 17: Kiss Kick with Combat Jack & R.A. Salvatore
Episode 16: Building with the People
Episode 15: Rocking the Boat Featuring Korn & Asking Alexandria
Episode 14: Live from the Mayhem Festival with Ill Niño & Upon A Burning Body
Episode 13: The Mindset of Success with James Altucher
Episode 12: Manslaughter, Maya Angelou, Tracy Morgan & Jimmy Fallon
Episode 11: Hologram Rights with Reggie Watts
Episode 10: Talk Shit, Get Shot with Jim Norton & Wahida Clark
Episode 9: From Russia with Love
Episode 8: Body Count is in the Building
Episode 7: I Got 99 Problems but a Furry Ain't One
Episode 6: Selfies & Locker Room Nudists
Episode 5: Dead Man Walking with Marco Andretti
Episode 4: Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Mage
Episode 3: Dungeons & Dragons, the CIA and the Future of Ice Loves Coco
Episode 2: Coco's Butt, the Secret to Success & Advice for Bieber
Episode 1: Gymnastics, Brad Pitt & Happy Housewives