Episode 7: I Got 99 Problems but a Furry Ain't One

This Episode Features:

Todd Barry , Jon Daly and Zieme and Lil' Daddy Shane

In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by comedy badass, Todd Barry. They discuss the real truth behind Jay-Z's sampling of Ice's 99 problems, internet trolls, cyber bullying, an update on the missing plane, Michael Vick's move to the NY Jets, Friday Night Tykes, Ice & Mick's pitch perfect karate movie voices, Lewis coming back to face Olivia Benson on a Law & Order: SVU showdown and finding happiness in the present moment.

The Trio are also joined by Jon Daly as he explains what furies and 3D printers are to Ice. Lil' Daddy Shane comes through to discuss his new documentary. Lastly, Zieme shows the crew his pipes and shares what it is like to be an independent artist.


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